music for your eyes — is presenting a few decades (main focus is in the 1960’s & 1970’s) of vintage posterart, lithographs and silver gelantine photographic prints. It was collected, distributed, or published by the work life of Walther H. Schünemann (1936 – 1992) in Germany. The collection has been reordered and now publicized  online by his son. Now the sleeping beauties are brought back to life, after resting for decades in safe and dry storage.
Now opens it’s treasure box to bring back the rare, amazing, original stocks back to public access. only works with it’s own vintage stock to reassure the origin, the condition, and history of each item.

Art that directly relates to the former publishing and distribution work of Walther H. Schünemann is certified by, a separate document will accompany the purchase. is a project by Verlag Walther H. Schünemann GmbH & Co. KG. The company is still family owned by the son.

Enjoy the collection and the music for your eyes.

Patrick Schünemann


Verlag Walther H. Schünemann GmbH & Co. KG /

Denninger Strasse 130 / IV
D-81927 Munich