Hire The Hip Hip Job Co-Op SF by John Thompson


Category A+: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: John Thompson

Title: Hire The Hip – Hip Job Co-Op San Francisco

Published by: Astro Posters, Box 772, Berkeley, California

Number: 06

Year: 1967

Size: 48,4 x 63,7 cm (25 1/16in x 19in)

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Hire The Hip Hip Job Co-Op SF by John Thompson. This lithograph by John Thompson, Hire The Hip  Hip Job Co-Op San Francisco was published in 1967 by Astro Posters from Berkeley. Astro Posters was a Berkeley, San Francisco, based hippie movement influenced publishing house. The Summer of Love and the intellectual tripping on psychedelic Art is shown in todays high class museums. Institutions like MOMA, or V&A hold various copies in their collections. The works from Astro Posters, especially John Thompson are hard to find in this excellent condition.

This Lithograph is category A+. It still may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), wich can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product. We do not do any kind of restoration to our original vintage products. It took a long time for them to become vintage. Any form of restoration like linen backing should be decided by the new owner.