CIA vs UFO The Pink Floyd by Hapsash & the Colored Coat


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 Artist: Hapsash and the Colored Coat

Title: CIA vs UFO – Pink Floyd

Published by: OSIRIS Agency Ltd

Printed by: TSR London

Number: OA 114

Year: 1967

Size: 50,2 x 76 cm (20“ x 30“  Inch)

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This Billboard for Pink Floyd, CIA vs UFO, by Hapsash and the Colored Coat was printed by Osiris Visions Ltd. in the 1960’s. Combining great artists from that time, Osiris Visions was a pioneer in the lithography of psychedelic, fashion, music, and hippie movement during the 1960’s. Great Artists like Michael English, Des Dale, Hapsash and the Colored Coat, LOON Bobby Davidson & Des Dale, just to name a few.