Andhera Say Ujjala Santih Santih Santih


Category A: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Unknown

Title: Andhera Say Ujjala – Santih! Santih! Santih! – From Darkness Into Light – Peace! Peace! Peace!

Published by: Cosmic Dough

Printed by: Printed By Orbit Graphic Arts

Size: 58,5 x 89,2 cm

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Andhera Say Ujjala Santih! Santih! Santih! – From Darkness Into Light  Peace! Peace! Peace!. This original offset lithograph was published by Cosmic Dough and printed at the famous Orbit Graphic Arts Studios in the 1960’s.

This Lithograph is category A-. It still may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product. There are very few irritations from being original from the sixties. Just a vintage grade A- beauty. We do not do any kind of restoration to our original vintage products. It took a long time for them to become vintage. Any form of restoration like linen backing should be decided by the new owner.