Alice’s Dream In Underground by David Hamilton (Photokina 1972)


Category A: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: David Hamilton

Title: Alice’s Dream In Underground – Great Artists Of erotic Photography

Published by: Amaco Vaduz

Size: 69,8 x 102,5 cm

Year: 1970

Number: 280

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Alice’s Dream In Underground by David Hamilton. Original vintage poster ‘Danielle La Belle’ taken from the famous book series ‘Great Artists Of Erotic Photography’ (4 Meister Der Erotischen Fotografie). The rare poster series was photographed by ‘the’ top photographers known from the work of graphic design icon Willy Fleckhaus and his Twen Magazine. The series was first presented in a famous show by TWEN Magazine at the Photokina fare in Cologne 1972.

Today the original prints and posters of the 1972 exhibition can be viewed in a prominent location at the famous food temple ‘Grill Royal’ in Berlin.

David Hamilton. Born in 1933, David Hamilton is a British movie director and photographer. He grew up in London. World War II interrupted his schooling and he had to live in Dorset’s country side for a while. Once the war was over, David Hamilton moved back to London and completed his schooling. He then shifted to France, discovered his artistic photography and creative skills while working in an architect’s agency.

When he was 20, he started working in Paris at Elle for Peter Knappas a graphic designer. As he became popular, a magazine named Queen hired him as an art director in London. Hamilton loved Paris more and decided to go back there and began working in the largest super store of the city, Printemps, on the same position as he was in London. He also did commercial photography apart from his job. His grainy, dreamy style images increased the demand of his photography by other publications like Photo, Twen and Réalités. By the late 1960s, Hamilton developed a recognized style. (taken from famous photographers)

This Lithograph is category A. It may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product. The print is near perfect. Time has left tiny not disturbing poster crumbs. As usual our high res images and the perfect studio light situation shows more than the eye actually is able to see in real.