The Kiss by Kishin Shinoyama (Photokina 1972)


Category A+: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Kishin Shinoyama

Title: The Kiss – The Great Artists Of Erotic Photography

Published by: Amaco Vaduz

Size: 69,8 x 102,5 cm

Year: 1970

Number: 287

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The Kiss by Kishsin Shinoyama (Photokina 1972). Original vintage poster “The Kiss” taken from the famous book series „Great Artists Of Erotic Photography“ (4 Meister Der Erotischen Fotografie). The rare poster series was photographed by ‘the’ top photographers known from the work of graphic design icon Willy Fleckhaus and his Twen Magazine. The series was first presented in a famous show by TWEN Magazine at the Photokina fare in Cologne 1972.

Today the original prints and posters of the 1972 exhibition can be viewed in a prominent location at the famous food temple ‘Grill Royal’ in Berlin.

Kishin Shinoyama (b. 1940). His offerings from the 1960’s not only document a decade, but are also invaluable to any survey of Tokyo photography from that period. The work reveals much about the era depicting snapshots of the student protest movement, fashion shows, dancers, avant-garde theatre troops and of course the nude shots that would subsequently form a major motif in his oeuvre.  During the 1960’s Japan was a politically charged place, experiencing rapid economic growth under the alliance with the United States. Politics, culture, society, this was the decade when ‘possibilities’ reached a critical point as contradicting elements were forced to react with one another. The photographs emerging from the Japanese capital during this period constitute the place where this metamorphosis occurred in the most radical way, and it was in the midst of this charged atmosphere that Shinoyama was taking his photographs.

This Lithograph is category A+. It still may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.