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Niklas and the Inky Boys by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann

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Category A: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann

Title: Niklas Aus Struwwelpeter -Niklas and the Inky Boys

Published by:  PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse Düsseldorf

Printed by: Handpressendruck Mankopf Düsseldorf

Number: 1810

Year: 1960’s

Size: 59,4 x 86,7 cm

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Niklas and the Inky Boys by Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann. Original lithograph by the famous Dr. Heinrich Hoffmann. Niklas Aus Struwwelpeter, is a rare 1st edition screen print, published by PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse in the late 1960’s in Germany.

Niklas and the Inky Boys. Then great Agrippa foams with rage. Look at him on this very page! He seizes Arthur, seizes Ned, Takes William by his little head; And they may scream and kick and call, Into the ink he dips them all; Into the inkstand, one, two, three, Till they are black as black can be; Turn over now, and you shall see. (taken from the book Struwwelpeter)

PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse. PPP was a small creative poster venture coming out of Munich, and Düsseldorf in Germany. Indeed PPP was a german poster pioneer in music, political pop, erotic, lithography poster-art print, distribution, and publishing during this time. They were first introducing new trends from the meccas of music (Uk and USA) to Germany, and exporting young german poster art to the world.

This Lithograph is category A. It may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage)