Rock Dreams Picador Book Ad by Guy Peellaert


Category B-: near mint / in great shape but folds

Artist: Guy Peellaert / Nick Cohn

Title: Rock Dreams

Published by: Picador

Year: 1970’s

Size: 41,8 x 71 cm

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Rock Dreams Picador Book Ad by Guy Peellaert. Original offset lithograph by the artist Guy Peellaert. The Picador publishing book ad Rock Dreams is a rare original poster from the famous book Rock Dreams. The slogan „Rock’n Roll For Your Eyes“ is a underestimated and proven promise. This very rare poster was published by Picador in the 1970’s. The Book Rock Dreams was first published by Verlag Walther H. Schünemann Munich. Rock Dreams was licensed and published in several  languages since then. It gained worldwide fame for it’s artwork.

Rock Dreams. The Seargent Pepper of rock art for the price of an album.

Roots. Rock, in the beginning, sprang from everywhere – Rhythm n’ Blues and Country, romantic white ballideering and Hollywood musicals, novelties, electronic gimmickry, barbershop quartets and just plain dance music. Previously each had formed a separate stream; Rock ‚n‘ Roll snatched them up and flung them together wholesale, in every kind of bizarre and anarchic marriage. For a time there was utter chaos. Then came Elvis and, with him a whole new order. (taken from the book Rock Dreams)

The most famous book, „Rock Dreams“, by the Belgian all-rounder (1934 until 2008) came into existence in collaboration with the Britisch rock journalist Nick Cohn. Only a year after being published it was told to have sold over 1 million copies.  The illustrations show in extreme images the wildest dreams of then popular rock heroes. Peellaerts style was photorealism. His preferred art tool was oil crayon.

Many of the original works are in the possession of actor Jack Nicholson. Guy Peellaert is also well known for his early erotic grown up cartoon works, Pravda and Jodelle. The very modern erotic cartoon style, similar to Barbarella, was Published by Verlag Schünemann Bremen. A very few posters have been chosen to be published at PPP Publishing in the 1960’s. Years after Rock Dreams, one of Peellaerts last prominent book “The Big Room” was realized and finally published in the late 1980’s. The artwork of Big Room was exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris in the 19190’s. Several re-publications of Rock Dreams have been published over the decades in the 1980’s and 2000’s.

This Lithograph is category B-. It has tiny small cuts and bruises on the edges (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product. Sadly this poster / advertising billboard has folds. It was sent out to the bookshops already folded in the seventies.