Rudi Dutschke by Michael Ruetz, PPP-Publishing


Category A (-): mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Michael Ruetz

Title: Rudi Dutschke

Published by:  PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse Düsseldorf

Number: 1506

Year: 1960’s

Size: 58,9 x 86 cm


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Rudi Dutschke by Michael Ruetz. Original vintage PPP poster offset lithograph. The portrait of Rudi Dutschke was photographed by Michael Ruetz. It is a rare 1st edition print published by PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse in the late 1960’s in Germany. This poster was produced right at the time when revolution was ongoing in the old ‘structured and grumpy’ Germany.

A time collectors must have. A portrait lovers must have. A milestone in younger german history and the changes this historical fact did provoke.

Berlin Journal; Ghost of Protest Past, Red Rudi’s Haunting Spirit. BERLIN, April 11. A cast of new and old German leftists gathered today to mark the 25th anniversary of the shooting of one of their heroes Rudi Dutschke and, to name a building in his honor. At a time when Europeans are reassessing the legacy of the 1968 protest movement, the midday gathering was an assertion that anti-establishment leaders like Dutschke, who won international fame as “Red Rudi,” changed German society for the better. It also suggested that in death, Dutschke has come to personify the radical protests that shook Europe a quarter of a century ago.

“More than any other leader of that time, Rudi Dutschke stood for the romantic idea of a better society,” said Bernd Rabehl, 55, one of Dutschke’s former comrades in arms. “He was the perfect combination of a charismatic speaker and a serious intellectual. His death turned him into a mythical figure, and that is why we’re here today.” Radical, for Better or Worse. (taken from the New York Times)

(More Info on the photograph of M Ruetz here)

This Lithograph is category A-. It might have tiny small cuts and bruises on the edges (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.