Sheriff L. B. J. by Ken Rendall


Category A: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Ken Rendall

Title: Sheriff L.B.J.

Published by:  PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse Düsseldorf

Printed by: Zero Siebdruck Wuppertal

Number: 1508

Year: 1960’s

Size: 59,4 x 86,7 cm

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‘LBJ Architect of American Ambition’. The tall man wearing the Stetson sitting in the back of an open convertible was as unhappy as he had ever been in his life. Three years earlier, Lyndon Johnson had reluctantly agreed to serve as John F. Kennedy’s running mate in the 1960 election. The Kennedys had not really wanted him, but the Democrats had to have Texas to win the presidency, and LBJ, the Lone Star State’s most famous contemporary politician, could carry Texas. Johnson reasoned at the time that his position as majority leader would be meaningless if Richard Nixon and the Republicans won. (taken from the New York Times)

PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse. PPP was a small creative poster venture coming out of Munich, and Düsseldorf in Germany. Indeed PPP was a german poster pioneer in music, political pop, erotic, lithography poster-art print, distribution, and publishing during this time. They were first introducing new trends from the meccas of music (Uk and USA) to Germany, and exporting young german poster art to the world. Some people say in every published poster of PPP is a deeper thought hidden behind. It was a mix of freedom, music, political statements, that expresses the published works of Populäre Propaganda Presse. PPP posters and prints are seldom and hardly around on the market. Especially the printing techniques and the strong color schemes they used at PPP are very supreme and unique. The idea of  ‘printing is an art form’ was one of the secret laws of PPP publishing and distribution. Maybe The Beatles poster edition by Richard Avedon was the most famous poster series by PPP, but looking closer into lesser known works of their published posters – it was just amazingly cool !

Original lithograph portrait of Sheriff L.B.J is a rare 1st edition print, published by PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse in the late 1960’s in Germany.

Lithograph is category A. It may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.