Kate’s Cartridge Belt by Sam Haskins


Category C: good / gorgeously aged

Artist: Samuel (Sam) Haskins

Title: „Kate’s Cartridge Belt“

Published by:  PPP – Populäre Propaganda Presse Düsseldorf

Number: 2132

Year: 1969

Size: 110,6 x  71,9 cm

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Kate’s Cartridge Belt by Sam Haskins. Original vintage poster by PPP-Populäre Propaganda Presse ‘Kate’s Cartridge Belt’ taken from the famous book series ‘Great Artists Of Erotic Photography’ (4 Meister Der Erotischen Fotografie). The rare poster series was photographed by ‘the’ top photographers known from the work of graphic design icon Willy Fleckhaus and his Twen Magazine.

Sam Haskins is a Designer / Photographer. He lived his youth on the African veldt, far removed from all the cultural traditions of Europe that would eventually have such a profound influence on his life. Art courses at school and colleges culminated in a three year sojourn in bomb scarred, postwar London. Here he very soon immersed himself in the study and appreciation of the available aesthetic wealth. As an escape from the strictures of a career in advertising and editorial illustration he later embarked on a range of personal projects – an extension of his inveterate passions. As a dedicated bibliophile, his new activities then naturally gravitated towards creating books. Books of images. Some told a story, others documented people and places. They all strove to share Sam’s visual thoughts. (Taken from Sam Haskins on the web)

This Lithograph is category C-. It has small cuts and bruises on the edges (the beauty of original vintage), wich can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.