A by The Fool for Apple Publishing London


Category B: near mint / in great shape

A by The Fool / Simon and Marijke for Apple Publishing London. This colorful psychedelic poster ‘A’ like Apple was designed by the Dutch design collective The Fool, Marijke Koger-Dunham and Simon Posthuma. The poster series was published by APPLE Publishing Ltd. London and sold at the Beatles owned Apple Boutique in London in 1968. The Beatles opened this famous psychedelic retail establishment at 94 Baker Street, London in 1967. This original vintage 1st edition is a real treasure. The condition is in good vintage condition.

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Artist: The Fool (Simon Posthuma and Marijke Koger)

Title: Untitled

Published by: Apple Publishing Ltd. London

Printed & reproduced by: Trade Platemaking Services England

Year: 1968

Size: 55,8 x 74 cm (23.5 x 19 in)

The Fool. The Fool were a Dutch art/design/music collective who had a tremendous impact on London psychedelic scene between 1967 and 1968. Although mostly known for their work with The Beatles, they also designed stage clothes and album covers for Cream, The Move and the Incredible String Band. They also designed clothes and interior for various films and theatre performances and they even recorded an album. The Beatles were such fans of their work, that they left them in charge of their Apple Boutique – with disastrous results. (taken from)

Drop by George Harrison’s place. In Surrey your eye is drawn to Harrison’s fireplace. Opulently decorated all over with highly-coloured painted scenes of lush reclining figures and drooping vegetation. The same fauna and flora bustle over John Lennon’s piano and the guitars and drums of The Cream. The same style is apparent on the dream-like covers of the new LPs of The Hollies and The Incredible String Band. Should you wonder where The Procol Harem got their scarlet performing clothes? Or what Marianne Faithfull can have been wearing as she rushed through airport customs? The source is the same: The Fool. (taken from)

This Lithograph is category B. It has tiny small cuts and bruises on the edges (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.