Burgus New Hells Angels by Allen Duck


Category A: mint / as perfect as vintage can be

Artist: Allen Duck

Title: Burgus New Hells Angels

Published by: Unicorn Bookshop Brighton

Number: Unicorn 15

Year: 1968

Size: 49,6 x 60,6 cm

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Burgus New Hells Angels by Allen Duck. A powerful, political lithograph poster statement. Maybe even more up to date then the last 50 years it has spend in the drawer. Burgus New Hells Angels was designed by Allen Duck and published by Unicorn Bookshop in 1968. This print is in excellent condition, very rare to find such well kept Unicorns.

Unicorn Bookshop. Located in Brighton, Unicorn opened doors in 1965 by Bill Butler and a partner. It was well known for it’s eclectic stock of hippy, occult, beat, and counterculture works, as well as being one of the leaders of the late 1960’s debate over freedom of speech. Less known is that Butler wrote under the pseudonym Sabbah Hassan called Leaves of Grass. A Compendium of Marijuana, a book like the famous Hashish Cookbook of Panama Rose. (taken from)

This Lithograph is category A. It still may have tiny irritations (the beauty of original vintage), which can be seen on the high res. pop-up image of the product.